Flower Meanings
The Meaning of Flowers

Are you sure! you know the meaning of flowers in your floral arrangement?

What do you feel when someone gives you flowers? Will your reaction vary based on what kind of flower you received? Is color also a determining factor of what the real implication is? We normally associate what we feel based on flowers. For us, a rose may express a strong feeling of passion, a carnation could tell someone how thankful he is for being your friend or a yellow tulip may indicate that someone is hopelessly in love.

Do flowers have a specific meaning? It all started because they have wonderful colors and because people use them as gestures and symbols for communicating with their loved ones. Whenever there is a special event, to express sympathy, to show how much love you have for someone, or simply by just telling that you are there; all these acts and emotions can be well represented by flowers. Traditional meanings may be provided for each and every flower that we have in the world but how will you know if that is the real message that the person wants to let you know?

There are so many flower meanings and we could even give a special meaning of our own but what matters most is the effort and compassion that is enveloped in each flower that you give. The real meaning will still be up to the person giving it and the person receiving the gift. So be sure that when you give a flower, communicate the right words that you want to say!

Well... most of the people will say "No". Knowing the message your flowers convey is equally important as giving flowers as a gift to your loved ones. Every flower has a different significance through its origine, appearance, looks and colors. At FlowerMeaning.org, we are providing a comprehensive information about flowers and their meanings. Brows through each flower meaning and flower color meanings.

So next time when you send flowers to some one, it should express your hearts feeling.

Flowers and their meaning are given below:

Alstromeria Alstroemeria: This hardy flower got its name from its discoverer, Baron Klas Van Alstoemer, who found its seeds in 1753. This flower is generally linked to symbol of friendship. Send bouquets containing alstroemeria to show the strength of your bond with another.

Amaryllis Amaryllis: The amaryllis bulb is famous for its capability to produce flowers for up to 75 years. Amaryllis flowers represent radiant beauty. Order beautiful amaryllis for someone who is beautiful form inside and outside.

Anemone Anemone: This colorful flower belongs to the family of buttercup. The anemone is said to have sprung from the blood of the Roman god Adonis. These flowers generally represent anticipation. Help soothe someone’s nerves with this tranquil, lovely flower.

Anthurium Anthurium: This flower got its origin in Hawaii, these exotic flowers are the most popular and long-lasting of the all available tropical flowers. Anthuriums is the symbol for hospitality. Whenever you turn yourself as guest in someone’s home, make sure to present some anthuriums to your host.

Aster Aster: In ancient times, it was believed that if aster leaves were burned, the perfume would drive away evil serpents. In present century, asters are used to symbolize the element of  patience. Running behind on a client’s project? Send some asters to show that you appreciate them bearing with you.

Bird of Paradise
Bird of Paradise Bird of Paradise: This strange and wonderful flower belongs to the native to South Africa and represents the feeling of joyfulness. The Bird of Paradise is an excellent flower choice to send for any celebratory occasion.

Bouvardia Bouvardia: These flowers got their name from Charles Bouvard, a Parisian doctor. This flower is native to Mexico and was introduced in the UK in 1854. Bouvardia represents the sense of enthusiasm. Reward a hard-working employee with a bouquet made from the bouvardia.

Carnation Carnation: Carnations, originally belong to the East; have been cultivated for the last 2,000 years. These hardy, fragrant flowers represent the feeling of pride and beauty. Send a bouquet of carnations to let someone know you are proud of them.

Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum: These flowers got their origin from the Chinese gardens for over 2,000 years. Today, the chrysanthemum is acknowledged as a symbol representing sun. Chrysanthemums represent essence of fidelity. Make sure to send them to your spouse in honor of your wedding anniversary.

Daffodil Daffodil: Generally it is a belief that when daffodils arise from the ground, it is considered a sign that winter is coming to an end and warmer weather is approaching. Daffodils represent the essence of chivalry. Present a bouquet of daffodils to handsome man at work who always holds the elevator for you.

Delphinium Delphinium: Delphinium got its meaning from Greek word meaning Dolphin. Delphinium symbolizes the essence and feeling of heavenly qualities. Give some to your mother for her saintliness in having put up with you during your more trying periods.

Freesia Freesia: This wonderful flower is named after the German physician Friedrich Heinrich Theodor Freese. Freesia represents the essence of innocence and makes the perfect gift choice for the proud parents of a newborn baby.

Gladiolus Gladiolus: This amazing flower got its meaning from the Latin word that means sword, gladiolus represented Roman gladiators. Gladiolus symbolizes strength of character. Send a bouquet of gladiolus as a token of respect to a person whose character you admire.

Heather Heather: This flower in history is widely used as roofing material, bedding, a form of fuel, in basket and rope making and as a dye. In a more esthetic realm, heather represents the element of admiration. Present a bouquet of this amazing flower to someone whose friendship you value most in life.

Hyacinth Hyacinth: As per the Greek lore, this wonderful flower was named after a boy, Hyacinth, who was killed after being hit in the head with a discus. A flower sprouted from the wound as the god Apollo held the boy. Hyacinths, originally belongs to the land of Turkey, represent constancy. Make sure to present a bouquet of hyacinths to someone special to express the constancy of your love.

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